Lance was a 35-year resident of Commerce City, Colo. As a child, he participated in youth sports in the area. And as an adult, he continued to be involved, as an avid fan of friend’s children who were playing sports. He attended Little League games, supported fundraisers and provided words of encouragement whenever a young athlete needed them.

Therefore, the Lance Grady Foundation will initially concentrate its efforts on the area, and the people, that Lance cared about most. The organization will focus on youth sports in Commerce City, focusing on three main needs:

1. Covering rec center costs for children who can’t afford the monthly dues
2. Paying for kids who want to participate in organized sports but can’t afford the league registration fees
3. Providing equipment and uniforms for local teams who can’t afford upgrades


“To help kids of every background enjoy the benefits of participating in sports.”

Sports can have a tremendous impact on the life of a child; they provide an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons, make friends, gain confidence and develop as a person.

The importance of sports is even more important for at-risk youth. Teams can often serve as their most stable family unit, while coaches can provide the best role models in their lives.

Thus, providing opportunities for kids – no matter their socioeconomic background – to participate in and be around athletics is vital.

The Lance Grady Foundation was established with this goal in mind. Its mission is to ensure that every child has the chance to experience the life-changing power of sports in their lives.

Board Members

Lane Grady, President